Our Story

Owners Geoff and Jessica Jans, along with their son, Porter, are proud to introduce Ketchikan Ever Greens. Jessica calls Ketchikan her childhood home, while Geoff finds himself back in the place he first traveled to while working as a seasonal kayak guide. Together they spent a number of years in the Anchorage area and on the Kenai Peninsula, always drawn to the wildness that Alaska offered.

Work eventually relocated them to outside the state, however they often felt the gravity of Alaska pulling them towards home. The pandemic brought refreshed focus to these priorities, as well as creative thinking about what their future could be. With the sudden global focus on supply chain weaknesses, their thoughts immediately went to Alaska, and specifically Ketchikan. How could they be part of the solution? Their desire to move back to Alaska coupled with their motivation to bring positive change to the town they both love, inspired them to develop a plan to purchase state of the art agricultural technology, and Ketchikan Ever Greens was formed.

The farm primarily produces leafy greens on a commercial scale in a shipping container. This hydroponic, vertical farming platform allows for precision control of our growing environment, and yields delicious long-lasting greens. Ketchikan Ever Greens’ goal is to be a reliable source of nutritious food, provided at a reasonable cost that everyone in the community can enjoy.